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Super S 504 Quarts Of Multi-Purpose Dexron Iii/Mercon Atf

Super S

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Super S® Multipurpose D/M ATF is a high performance formulation of high viscosity index base oils and a sophisticated additive package designed for most late model year vehicles, both foreign and US made. Super S® Multipurpose D/M ATF is a friction modified automatic transmission fluid which meets GM Dexron III specification, and may be used in applications calling for Dexron III G, Dexron IIE, Dexron II, Dexron, Mercon, or Type A Suffix A transmission fluid.
Dexron/Mercon III transmission fluids are characterized by their excellent low temperature performance along with an exceptionally high level of oxidative stability to maintain low temperature fluidity and reisist high temperature oil degradation. This allows for extended
drain intervals beyond previous Dex/Merc specifications. Super S® MP D/M ATF is blended to meet the stringent requirements of leading automotive transmission manufacturers and remains the most recommended fluid for service fill applications.

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