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Hydraulic Fluid, AW ISO 32, 2-Gallons

Lube King

SKU: 147069
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Lube King, 2 gallon, AW ISO 32, hydraulic fluid, exceptional protection against wear from contaminants & higher operating temperatures & pressures ensures longer equipment life, maintains viscosity, even under higher operating temperatures, & has sufficient reserve of key additives, resulting in longer fluid life & reduced operating costs & reduced foaming ensures smooth, efficient operation & proper lubrication of all parts in the system, specific gravity @ 60 degrees Fahrenheit, 15.6 degrees Celsius, 0.8631 viscosity @ 40 degrees Celsius, 32.11 viscosity @ 100 degrees Celsius, 5.55 pour point degrees Celsius, -33 degrees Celsius, -28 degrees Fahrenheit, viscosity index 110.

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